The Evolution of Dating Via The Internet

For sure, you know who Cupid is. What if the arrow of Cupid has an Internet connection?

In 2019, online dating became the top two most popular way to a date or a significant other across the United States. Singles who are technology savvy use the power of the Internet to look for love.

Did you know that online dating already exists long before a lot of people currently use it? Way back to the 1960s, there is already traces of the computer-aided dating. On the other hand, the rise of social media and mobile apps successfully expanded the possibilities of dating via the Internet.

In this post, we will reminisce about the evolution of online dating.

The Introduction of Computer-based Matchmaking Services in the 60s

In 1965, it was fall season to be exact, two enterprising students in Harvard used the IBM 1401 computer for creating the first computer-based matchmaking service in the US.

These two men got inspiration from the paltry dating scene of the post-war academia, so they created a 75-question survey. This survey is built for love-hungry applicants. Those who mailed in their questionnaires paid about $3 and received the list of computer-generated matches results.

By 1966, the Operation Match service was successfully used by about 90,000.

Let’s Go Back to 90s

During the 1990s, dating sites are used for online predates, which attributed the Internet dating’s cultural boost and resulted to the movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998. this movie starred Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks as people who are business rivals and later on, became romantically involved with each other online.

In 1995, the first official dating site was registered as known as, which was formerly registered as in 1994. After that, online dating became respectable and ended up to Ticketmaster Online-Citysearch purchasing and In turn, other major names in the online world added dating features like Yahoo!.

The Social Media Boom in the 2000s

In 2003, MySpace began while Facebook was founded in 2004 at Harvard. By the end of the decade, social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn became part of the digital lexicon.

Based on the study conducted by, about 70% of Americans are active users of social media networking sites and dating sites while the one-fourth quarter of the US is almost constantly online.

More than half of the US population are singles, so no surprise why Tinder was launched wherein a new demographic of people took advantage of online dating in 2012.

Are You Ready for Modern Love?

In 2012, almost everyone forgets how Internet courtship and dating became a taboo topic decades ago.

Along with technological advancements, mobile apps dedicated to online dating were launched. Fuck apps such as FreeFuckApp are now implemented for people seeking interest in hooking up.  If you think you cannot find your significant other a few streets away, then you might like to try dating online. In just a matter of few swipes, you have the best chance to meet tons of people across the world.