It's one of the most fun times of year with everyone merry, people buying nice things for loved ones and plenty of holiday cheer, but with how technology now works in the modern business culture, there is no time when security can be let down on. MSPmentor said while there is no foolproof way to make sure mobile devices at a company are completely secured, mobile device management may be able to help minimize many of the threats presented by apps and consumer devices.

The first thing the website said companies and employees alike should beware of are QR codes. While the barcodes bring people directly to a website, they can also lead a mobile owner to accidentally be infected by malware.

"With mobile device use on the rise, QR codes are gold to marketers," the website said. "On the other hand, QR codes are a security concern for many managed services providers. Provide your clients with a list of safe ways to use QR codes, but also include strategies to recognize a malicious QR code."

Companies, via MDM, must also make sure their employees don't try to jailbreak their devices, which will destroy much of the ability for the smartphone or tablet to be adequately secured. MSPmentor said removing the limitations on these devices is dangerous and companies should look to lock jailbroken devices off the network. There should also be a fair amount of education in place for employees, so that they can figure out what links are good and what may be a scam or bad link in general to click on to avoid getting malware or other nasty viruses.

Other MDM benefits
Aside from having much better control over security and the devices on a company's network, one business' blog said mobile device management can offer other great advantages. For example, MDM allows businesses to keep their infrastructure as is and still be able to have total control over the goings-on of the network. Companies can also allow their employees to easily register their devices onto the software with an email.

"MDM allows you to send the users an email or allow them to download the application on their devices," the company's website said. "No more handing out the pre-shared key that gets passed around to everyone and no more configuring devices for the IT staff. Device enrollment is as easy as loading an app."