Mobile device management and endpoint security can help take care of worries companies have regarding the use of mobile devices by their workers, but with personally owned devices in a bring your own device program, the business will always be concerned with security. The Cloud Security Alliance Mobile Working Group released a report in October that found data loss is the top worry from all companies surveyed.

“Personally owned mobile devices are increasingly being used to access employers’ systems and cloud-hosted data, both via browser-based and native mobile applications. This without a doubt is a tremendous concern for enterprises worldwide," said John Yeoh, research analyst for the Cloud Security Alliance.

The top risks, according to this survey, are:
1) Data leaks from lost or stolen devices
2) Malware that steals information from devices
3) Third-party apps causing data leaks
4) Vulnerabilities within the device
5) Use of insecure Wi-Fi

Baseline Magazine said companies should have endpoint security in place to make sure devices are kept safe, as well as having services such as remote wipe and control over third party apps. These features should be found in a good mobile device management service.