A recent security test of some cloud providers has highlighted the importance of proper security in the cloud. The test discovered that some cloud providers were not securely separating virtual servers located on shared hard disks. This vulnerability would allow an attacker to access fragments of customer data and possibly gain control of other servers.

The vulnerability was exploitable due to the way new virtual servers are created. The test showed a lack of properly implemented security measures caused the vulnerability. While the exploit does present a concern over cloud security, cloud providers who properly secured their virtual servers did not have the vulnerability that would have opened them to the attack.

While it is important for enterprises to know how their cloud providers store their data, it is just as important for businesses to take a proactive approach to data protection as they turn to cloud computing solutions. According to Ariel Dan, vice president of marketing and sales at Porticor, data encryption is a crucial element to cloud security.

“Encrypting sensitive data in the cloud is an absolute must," Dan wrote. "Cloud security should include a blend of traditional security elements combined with new ‘cloud-adjusted’ security technologies."