Although cloud computing has been spreading in the enterprise, many think there still needs to be better standards across the board. The General Services Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed standards for compliance but may still enact more measured guidelines for the technology, according to experts at the FOSE 2012 Conference in Washington, D.C.

“There is an appendix of [cloud computing federal government] standards for vendors to comply with,” said Katie Lewin, director of the federal cloud computing program in GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies, according to a report by "There needs more interpretation and discussion between cloud computing vendors and customers. You can’t just give standards to comply with. [Agencies need to know] what the government is looking for and how the controls will be interpreted.”

Robert Bohn, NIST's cloud computing manager, said there needs to be a taxonomy to communicate with one another. He said the roles aren't clearly defined and NIST is now working to develop cloud definitions that should go a long way in helping companies and people with service-level agreements.

Current cloud computing guidelines from the NIST include carefully planning security, understanding the cloud provider environment and maintaining accountability of privacy.