Many businesses and people have struggled to learn what cloud computing is, and the Open Group wants to help everyone understand. The group said they have a new book out, titled Cloud Computing for Business, which will look at how businesses can get the greatest benefit from using the technology.

The book is intended for executive officials, business managers, the IT department and more. The Open Group Cloud Computing Work Group formed in an effort to create a common understanding of cloud computing among buyers, business people, supplies and more of how enterprises of all sizes can use the technology to their advantage.

Dr. Chris Harding, the direct of interoperability at The Open Group, said the group is excited to see how businesses will use the book to help understand the technology and make it work for their company. He said the book pays special attention to an organizations technical and business requirement and aims to help the readers gain the greatest value from projects done in the cloud.

According to a poll by cloud provider Virtacore Systems, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed said they didn't understand what "cloud computing" meant. One question in the survey asked if people felt like the cloud had potential for their business and 49 percent did not know. The Open Group hopes their book can shed light on what cloud computing is for those who do not know about it.