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Cloud computing and BYOD in the healthcare industry  [11/07/2013]
The healthcare industry is finding a growing need for cloud computing services and the implementation of BYOD policies.
How to be successful with cloud computing  [11/05/2013]
By following ten important steps, businesses can ensure their cloud deployment is succuessful.
Balancing IT consumerization with third-party vendors  [10/24/2013]
Outsourcing data protection and endpoint solutions to third-party vendors allow businesses to balance the consumerization of IT.
European healthcare industry uses cloud services to streamline operations  [07/18/2013]
Cloud based services are becoming key assets for European healthcare providers, as they attempt to increase revenue, improve service delivery and unify their applications.
PCI Council offers clarity on mobile, cloud issues  [02/26/2013]
With many ecommerce companies and retailers moving into cloud computing solutions, it has become more important than ever to have a security measure in place. The PCI Council recently released two sets of guidelines that offer up tips on how to secure the cloud and mobile environments when it comes to the storage of cardholder data.
Having cloud security in the healthcare industry  [11/28/2012]
Healthcare organizations have started to take cloud based services more seriously than they have in past years. GovHealthIT said there is a clear need by these companies to now think about HIPAA-related security when it comes to leveraging any kind of cloud solution.
Compliance still hazy for cloud-based solutions and banks  [09/05/2012]
Cloud computing solutions are becoming more popular in all industries, but American Banker said financial institutions may experience more compliance issues than other companies with cloud solutions and more official guidance may be needed.
More healthcare providers need to discuss BYOD and security  [09/04/2012]
For healthcare companies looking to keep their networks safe, it may be time to have a bring your own device policy discussion.
Getting the cloud to the next level  [04/05/2012]
Although cloud computing has been spreading in the enterprise, many think there still needs to be better standards across the board. The General Services Administration and the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed standards for compliance but may still enact more measured guidelines for the technology, according to experts at the FOSE 2012 Conference in Washington, D.C.
Federal government releases new security standards for cloud  [01/11/2012]
With the federal government starting to move more of its processes into cloud computing, the federal CIO Council has released new security controls for agency-wide programs that standardize cloud requirements, according to InformationWeek. More than 150 security controls in 16 different categories have been defined from the Federal Risk Assessment Program that gives security requirements for the federal cloud.