With the amount of new technology being released, it's not surprising to hear that IT departments are poised to grow in the coming years. The CDW IT Monitor shows that overall anticipated hardware spending has increased four points to 80 percent and anticipated overall spending has jumped seven points to 82 percent. One area of growth this past year has been people bringing their own mobile devices, necessitating businesses to invest in mobile device management.

The report said 66 percent of IT departments allow their employees to bring personal devices to work. Even so, about 19 percent are still not using IT security measures or mobile device management to help keep their operations secure. This could be an extremely important measure, especially as mobile risks increase.

"We believe that organizations will continue to look at technology investments as ways to boost efficiencies, increase productivity and gain new competitive advantages in 2012," said Neal Campbell, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at CDW.

Informationweek's Beta Byte blog said using mobile device management to keep devices from becoming a security risk is imperative. The website said devices could be used inappropriately, use unsecured Wi-Fi networks and do other activities that could be risky for small businesses, which is why they need to be properly managed.