The bring your own device trend is spreading across enterprises everywhere. However, not every organization allowing employees to bring their own smartphones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets has a strong security plan in place. IT professional Gerry Tucker wrote on Business Spectator that with malware, hackers and other issues, companies need to take steps to secure their mobile network.

Some tips from Tucker include:
- Understand the business and what will need to be secured
- Realize what role security needs to play in an organization. This means knowing where important data is and how it might slip away
- Know the value of information and protect the most sensitive and important data before anything else. This means implementing a governance program to prioritize and locate data
- Use the governance model to make sure all areas that need to be secured get the proper amount of attention and funding

"Adhering to these initiatives can help build a strong foundation for your organization's security strategy," Tucker said. "It's all about defining risks, establishing security and then striking a balance between the two. Waste no opportunity to educate."

IT Business Edge said even if a company does not allow BYOD, they should assume employees will use their personal device for work purposes and prepare as such.