For companies looking at allowing employees to bring their own mobile devices into work, security and costs are the top factors when considering a mobile device management system, according to a webinar hosted by Telecom Expense Management Industry Association and Wireless Analytics.

About 70 percent of respondents said security was the top concern and 50 percent said cost was a top concern.

“Any MDM solution for BYOD has to meet the needs of both IT and employees,” Fernando Olivera, Wireless Analytics managing director, said in the webinar. “Effective communication between departments is key when implementing a MDM for BYOD program. HR will have concerns, finance is concerned with the cost, legal has to worry about liability … and of course executives are the ones responsible for choosing these plans. End-user communication is absolutely critical to the program’s success.”

Olivera said in the end, it isn't about devices but about keeping a high level of productivity in the hands of employees at all times.

InfoWorld's Galen Gruman said companies shouldn't roll out mobile device management too quickly, as it could end up costing more money than it saves if done improperly.