Companies have been measuring the benefits versus the risks of a bring your own device policy, and Lifehacker said businesses may want to look at how schools handle these programs.

"School policies on BYOD run the gamut from 'you must purchase a specific model' to 'the school will supply laptops but they can’t leave the premises' to 'you can bring whatever you like,'" the website said. "Regardless of the approach, those experiences offer lessons which any business considering BYOD should take into consideration."

Lifehacker said some of the following issues and rules at schools with BYOD include:
- Requirements have not been defined clearly at many schools, which has caused confusion. This means businesses should have a refined policy to avoid any potential issues between employees
- Platform management, including what kind of mobile device management is being used, needs to be kept in mind
- The needs of different employees should be something a company looks at, just like how schools or students may have unique needs in devices

The National Education Association said with the proper ground rules and endpoint security in place, a BYOD program can be good for schools. For businesses, the process is similar and should be done with great caution and due diligence.