Enterprise features may not be the main point of buying an iPhone, but with companies supporting bring your own device policies and mobile device management becoming more widely used, they are nice to have. CIO.com said the new iOS 7 is coming soon and may have some great features that will help companies deal with the spread of smartphones. MDM professional Blake Brannon told the website that the new system is as innovative as they've seen from the business and opens up new ways to use the device that were not previously possible.

"On the BYOD front, there are things like per-app-VPN and 'Open in' management, which helps you leverage native apps to get a native, user-rich experience [for your app], but gives you the BYOD kind of protection and privacy that you need to restrict and separate work from play," he wrote. "It provides the industry with a new way of thinking about containerization and separation of work and personal data."

Industry professional Brendon Wilson told IT Business Edge that Apple's improvements can help, as they are fixing security and passwords with updates of the new system. With new devices, fingerprint authentication may be included to reduce the risk of unauthorized access.