With employees bringing iPhones, BlackBerrys and other smartphone and tablets to work, banks need to protect their cloud networks with a mobile device management system. American Banker said companies need to start to reign in these devices and make sure employees are using them in a way that will not harm the company.

"The first thing [bank IT departments] need to consider is, do they have the infrastructure to handle this," Jacob Jegher, a senior analyst with the research firm Celent, told the news source. "They will need software that will be able to manage multiple devices; it is not just a standard BlackBerry anymore."

International Business Machines Corporation said it has already started with a service that allows off-site IT administrators to completely erase data on mobile devices, manage antivirus software and control passwords. These types of security measures provide companies with more control of how employees use the corporate network.

Mobile Commerce Daily said financial institutions must address mobile banking and security concerns as soon as possible. These institutions shouldn't only worry abut that, but mobile device management as well, so employees wont experiences at-work breaches as easily.