Consumers are now regularly using smartphones and tablets from their personal lives for business purposes, a trend known as bring your own device. This is seemingly growing stronger by the day as more people purchase smartphones and tablets. A recent report from Spiceworks found that 61 percent of businesses support BYOD but only 37 percent are using mobile device management to improve security.

"BYOD represents one of the most significant opportunities for businesses of all sizes to innovate, drive employee satisfaction, and reduce cost," Neil Florio, an IT professional, said about the report. "As our customers embrace wider BYOD strategies, they need more agile and flexible tools to manage policies, support users, and secure corporate data."

Mobile device management may become essential for organizations looking to control and secure gadgets in the next few years, as a recent Gartner report found that 38 percent expect to stop providing staff with any kind of device in the next three years. This means there will likely be many more employee-owned devices used for work purposes, something that must be kept track of. Gartner vice president David Willis said organizations still need to make sure they have a proper business case for using BYOD in concert with MDM.