Although many people will focus in completely on mobile device management with a bring your own device policy, Shawn McCarthy wrote on that it may be more important to better manage the enterprise so that the BYOD system can be more successful. He said risk management associated with mobile security is now a big concern with smartphones bringing their own separate network into a facility.

"Associated challenges for IT managers include deciding which mobile devices should have access to government internal networks, where device data should be stored and the requisite level of security for devices and connections," he wrote. "IT managers feel torn between protecting security by limiting mobile access and broadening access to meet employee demands and boost productivity."

In responding to new threats, he said IT planners have been searching for best practices for mobile security. He said enterprise management has quickly developed to help make sure that not only are users safe on their devices but the company is kept secure from how these devices are being used.

A report from IDC said enterprises are clearly now looking for more mobile device and enterprise management to help keep these BYOD systems safe, so there will likely be a merger between these two markets.