Those who are looking to have their company adopt a bring your own device policy need to understand that not everyone will be on their side. Lindsey Nelson wrote on Business 2 Community that the IT department may carry the majority of the work of adopting a BYOD program, but there are other friends within the business.

"Let IT build the relationships with your security and governance teams, handle the vendor management and application development," she wrote. "Don't try and getting involved with something you don't know about, these people speak the same language, letting them hold the conversations will ensure you have the right strategy and tool set in place."

After this, Nelson said those proactive in BYOD should:
- Share their vision with others in the company
- Be proactive on what the issues are and make sure all bases are covered
- Justify the program with numbers and positives that show its worth

Michele Pelino wrote on InformationWeek that there should be a planning effort for a BYOD policy that lists what the company's goals are, which business units it will affect, if there will be mobile device management adopted and how long it will take to see benefits in the program.