Businesses across multiple industries have been struggling with what to do about their bring your own device policies, but according to The Journal, Kansas area Goddard public schools now offer secure BYOD wireless access for students, staff and others who want to use personal devices on the network.

"By introducing BYOD into our schools, we're really experiencing a paradigm shift - almost a 'flip the classroom' scenario - that will transform the teaching and learning experience," said Goddard Public Schools Director of Technology Mitch Krueger. "We are moving away from static labs towards a 1-to-1 environment with a hybrid of district-issued and personal mobile devices, and we're encouraging teachers to share how they've used these devices, as well as specific applications, in the classroom."

Kruger said with this wireless BYOD access, the surrounding neighborhood can benefit as well, as their network can deliver information and resources more quickly to schools and gives instant access throughout the community. With a secure mobile device management network in place, the school seems relaxed and less worried about any possible security problems.

Organizations may want to look at how educational institutions approach BYOD, as a report from one company found 85 percent of schools allow a program. With many companies having trouble with how to write their mobile policy, schools could have some good tips for them.