A bring your own device policy can end up saving a business a lot of money, but this doesn't mean companies should blindly adopt one and not worry about unified endpoint security. PC Advisor interviewed Paul Lanzi, manager of the enterprise mobility team at Genetech, which the news source called one of the biggest adopters of the iPad in the world at 12,274 devices.

"It's a very valuable challenge to enterprises to deliver a mobile app that has the same usability as a consumer app," Lanzi said, adding that it is just as important for companies to educate their employees as it is to have high-quality mobile services for them. "We end up spending almost as much time on user experience as we do on the actual coding and testing of the app."

Lanzi told PC Advisor that he likes to gather feedback about the enterprise apps they put out, a la the Apple App Store. He believes this helps make things better and allows employees to have their say on what goes into the apps.

ESJ.com said a way to make the most out of these enterprise apps is to have a centralized management system, such as mobile device management, to make sure the IT staff can offload the complexity of watching over the apps themselves.