Companies in the U.K. may benefit from looking at the U.K Information Commissioner's Office's new guidelines on the bring your own device trend as said it explains what people need to consider and how they need to prepare for handling personal data in light of BYOD.

"The Guidance provides recommendations on how data protection risks can be minimized, starting with the implementation of a clear BYOD policy," the website said. "A BYOD policy is important as it enables individuals who participate in a BYOD program to understand their responsibilities and the consequences of the interaction between their own devices and their employer's IT systems."

Recommendations from this ICO guidance include:

- There should be a social media policy in place for BYOD devices
- Strong passwords are a must
- Regular audits should be performed to ensure compliance
- Devices should be registered and support remote wipe capabilities

Simon Rice, the group manager of technology at ICO, said the costs of putting BYOD controls in place can range from small to large, as it will depend on the type of compliance companies must abide by. Mobile device management allows companies to cost effectively protect their data on smartphones and tablets.