When bringing a mobile device management program into a business, there are many complexities that the IT department and management will have to figure out with regard to managing devices without making employees feel like their device is being crippled. Computer Technology Review said companies need to support these devices while at the same time making sure they do not harm the company or put it at risk.

"The biggest problem with employees bringing this new mobile technology into the work environment, however, stems from the fact that the devices were not designed with enterprise requirements in mind," the websites said. "To support a BYOD strategy, enterprise IT departments must overcome a number of challenges."

Challenges that businesses need to tackle in mobile policies include device management, device lock-out, lifecycle management and security. How all of these need to work should be decided well in advance so that a company will know how to deal with an issue when it comes up.

Mike Geide, senior researcher at Zscaler ThreatlabZ, told Network World that companies should review their BYOD policy and update the mobile device management program quarterly to make sure things can stay as mistake-free as possible.