At many companies, IT expenses may be mounting as administrators try to keep tabs on smartphones and tablets accessing cloud services. Maintaining requisite levels of control will require unified endpoint management solutions that use automated background processes to secure devices.

In a piece for Computerworld, Minda Zetlin explained that many organizations spend a bulk of their IT budgets on basic operations including network bandwidth maintenance. Accordingly, they may have less money to address new projects such as bring your own device mobility, resulting in possible security vulnerabilities.

"The BYOD genie is out of the bottle. Users want to pick their devices, apps, and how and where they work," said BoxTone CEO Alan Snyder. "The consumerization of IT can be a boon, or it can be a bane to the IT and support resources who are bearing the brunt of it."

However, organizations can handle the influx of new endpoints by turning to managed services companies that specialize in tasks like help desk outsourcing. The need for rapid, thorough support is particularly acute due to the number of BYOD-enabled devices making requests. Small and midsize businesses may need help in keeping up with a changing device landscape, making it important that they consider working with IT service providers.