A bring your own device policy, historically, is one that is in place to keep the company secure and is not frequently looked upon fondly by employees. However, CITEWorld said there is a choice companies have now; lockdown endpoints completely and mandate security, or focus on the users and make the program more about education and having fun.

"Remember, if it's their own device, it's not just corporate data that lives on it but their private data as well, which gives them an incentive to protect all the data on it," the website said. "They're not trying to be unsafe with the data; they're just trying to get things done the best way they can. Teach them how to do just that and at the same time build good habits that keep everyone's data secure."

To have fun, companies should figure out why employees prefer their own devices over company-provisioned alternatives. Look at which apps employees use and figure out ways they can get their jobs done more quickly on these devices, while still emphasizing security and using mobile device management to protect their gadgets.

Fred Donovan, an editor for FierceMobileIT said no matter what companies think about mobile devices, they are here to stay. Instead of fearing them, educate employees about the risks and adopt MDM services to help prevent problems.