U.S. government agencies want better guidance from the White House in regard to safe and efficient ways to enact a bring your own device policy, according to a recent report from the Chief Information Officers Council. These agencies are also looking for ways to handle BYOD's cost-related concerns, as they want to know how, when and whether they should be reimbursing employees who use their own devices.

Agencies also want to see guidance on the legal and privacy aspects of these policies. Security is an issue as well, as the report showed that one of the biggest barriers to government adoption is the lack of processes in place to encrypt information.

“As the pace of technology advancement continues to increase, standards and processes must be updated and new technologies developed to allow the continued use of commercial off-the-shelf products,” the report said, “giving government users access to the latest technologies to meet their missions without sacrificing privacy and security.”

GovExec said data that can be encrypted and viewed on a smartphone or tablet while not leaving any traces on the device would be ideal for these agencies and would be a great strive for endpoint security.