Incorporating a bring your own device strategy at a small business introduces many threats in, so Robert Lemos wrote on Dark Reading that businesses should look to mobile device management to help keep these gadget risks in check.

"There is a realization that this is happening, and they need to deal with it, rather than trying to say, 'That is not going to happen in our company,'" Jonathan Sander, director of identity and access management strategy at Dell, told Lemos.

Steps to keeping control of the mobile threats at businesses include:
- Admitting the problem exists and needs to be controlled
- Educating employees and management to ensure they know how to properly stay safe
- Separating the mobile network from the main business network to ensure any mobile problems that do happen don't affect operations

Many smaller companies may not understand how mobile threats work or could hurt them, according to a recent study from Spiceworks. The company said 68 percent of SMBs don't have a bring your own device policy in place and 74 percent have yet to implement MDM services. This could be a dangerous combination for businesses looking to protect the network and employees from mobile trouble.