There have been many bold statements over the last few years with technology like mobile device management and bring your own device, but not all of them are as outrageous as they seem at first. Gartner recently said that BYOD may be the most radical shift in the economy of client computing for businesses since the PC was introduced to companies.

"With the wide range of capabilities brought by mobile devices, and the myriad ways in which business processes are being reinvented as a result, we are entering a time of tremendous change," said David Willis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. "The market for mobile devices is booming and the basic device used in business compared to those used by consumers is converging. Simultaneously, advances in network performance allow the personal device to be married to powerful software that resides in the cloud."

BYOD will allow companies to access data and do work on their own time, which means there are a lot of positives and possible negatives that businesses need to account for. Companies must have an endpoint security option in place to address the increasing variety of mobile devices being connected to their networks.

Willis said BYOD may not be for every business, but the vast majority of companies can see great results from a correctly implemented bring your own device policy.