Endpoint security worries has been a big issue in many bring your own device policies, but an IDC analyst said more enterprise-friendly mobile devices are on the way and may help to ease the concern of businesses, ZDNet reported. Sandra Ng, group vice president of IDC Asia-Pacific's practice group, told a group at a conference that the trend is coming up because more people are using tablets for work-related tasks.

"As a result of this 'corporatization,' the discussion between mobile devices and PCs will move away from consumption versus creation, to 'general versus specialized productivity'," Ng said, according to the news source. "This means tablets and smartphones will increasingly be the main tool for workers, while the PC is used only if specific functions are required and which are not supported by the mobile devices."

Workers will learn how to use IT in the workplace, Ng told the group, and the trend will likely be embraced by more companies and CIOs looking to have a more secure BYOD solution in place.

IDC analyst Tim Dillon said at the CIO Summit in Sydney, Australia, that companies should expect a BYOD policy implementation to cause some costs to rise, so there are many aspects that need to be taken into account by enterprises.