It's always important to embrace talented, young workers coming into a business. Things can stay a bit fresher and companies are given the chance to take young talent and mold them into skilled workers. ZDNet has a story that says with a bring your own device policy and good mobile device management, companies can bring in some of that young talent that may help take the company to the next level.

Anil Khatri, South Asia head of global IT-client technology and field IT at SAP India, told the news source that employees between the ages of 25 and 45 were especially interested in mobile devices and having a choice. He said the big change has come in the last few years, so companies should be shifting their philosophy and how they draw in young employees. Khatri says companies should ensure they can manage the devices and make sure corporate assets can be kept as safe as possible.

"This was required to protect interests against corporate litigation, data privacy protection and reimbursement processes," he told ZDNet.

For better unified endpoint security, TechTarget said companies should assess what kind of use the BYOD policy will get and be sure they will be able to control what kind of devices are on the network. One wrong move could end up with a big security breach, so businesses must be careful.