Teri Takai, the Department of Defense's chief information officer, said the agency's new mobile strategy will allow a wide variety of devices to boost the efficiency of the workforce. AOL Government gave five tips procured from the new policy at the department, with one being that the information on the devices must be controlled and not the device itself. Mobile device management can help, as it can not only control what happens on the device but what happens with the information contained.

"The disparate operating systems utilized by mobile devices make adopting one single mobile device management solution almost impossible," the website said. "This ultimately renders device management ineffective. Instead, the emphasis needs to be placed on controlling the information that can be accessed by the device, not on controlling the device itself."

Other tips from the Department of Defense include:
- Purchasing technology to protect information in the best way possible
- Having a good security plan and guidelines in place that protect gadgets and the work on them
- Understanding how data is moving within the company and where it is stored

One security expert told CIO.com that controlling different devices can be difficult, but keeping a handle on the data with mobile device management and other security tools can be done.