For companies that may not have realized the importance of mobile device management to keep track of sensitive data on employee-owned smartphones and other devices, the University of Glasgow has discovered ways to fully recover deleted files from cloud based services using HTC Android and iPhones. This means not everything employees want to get rid of will be completely erased, as the "Using Smartphones as a Proxy for Forensic Evidence contained in Cloud Storage" report said any bring your own device policy needs to be equipped with improved security practices.

"Certain files types were recovered more than other file types," the report said. "For example, the results show that JPEG images produced thumbnails on the device, and very few mp3 and mp4 files were present on either device. It is also interesting to note that more deleted files were recovered from Box than Dropbox or SugarSync on the HTC Desire; while this pattern did not hold true for the iPhone."

However, just the fact that these files are recoverable at all shows how in flux data is and the need for MDM services or other types of security to control how these devices interact on corporate network. InfoWorld said researchers were also able to discover metadata from all applications on both devices.