The bring your own device trend is giving way to developers creating more new and innovative mobile applications than ever. In fact, Gartner estimates that 70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct work on their personal smart devices by 2018, a big development that has been due in part to the app development within many companies. However, just because these apps are self-created does not mean they should not be monitored, as Michelle Drolet wrote on that there are security risks if they are left unchecked which could badly damage a company.

"As developers create apps to run on multiple platforms and plug into existing ERP systems, vulnerabilities grow," she said. "From insecure data storage to improper session handling, from side channel data leakage to weak server-side controls, there are many risks to consider and robust penetration testing is an absolute must."

To have the best possible plan for security, Drolet suggested starting from the beginning and putting emphasis on security as soon as possible. If it is an afterthought, chances are high that something will get left out. A big part of security will be ensuring that cloud computing solutions are protected, as this is where many of the mobile apps being used will reside.