Even when employees follow the "bring your own device" trend taking place across the enterprise, companies need to be sure they are staying secure. CRN.com said employees are likely trying to use their device whether companies know it or not, so a mobile device management program and other security meausres should be in place as quickly as possible.

CRN said there are some easy ways to make sure these devices stay secure, including using a password-protected screensaver or lock on devices that stay open.

"Regardless of how sophisticated your firewall system, network encryption and server security, if access to an end user device is not physically secure, then your data isn’t secure. Period," the news source said. "Fortunately, the solution is simple and readily available. Any device used to access company data should employ a password-protected screensaver that’s available via any operating system. In addition, an IT management system can easily notify IT when an idle computer is left unlocked on the network."

Employees' information and file storage should be encrypted, and all employees should have up-to-date operating systems on their devices, CRN said.

Insurance Networking News said these devices are full of personal information, so companies should have a way to make sure this information is protected even if the device is lost or stolen. Mobile device management could be a good way to do this.