With more employees bringing their own mobile, smartphone and tablet devices to work, Channel Insider said businesses need to prepare themselves for the bring-your-own-device era with mobile device management.

"With a projected 362 million mobile connections in the United States by the end of 2012, according to IE Market Research Corp., MDM is becoming an acute need in companies large and small," the website said. "And in 2012, if you don’t have a plan for how to manage and secure the tablets and smartphones your users bring to the office, you are flirting with disaster."

In small and mid-sized businesses, decision makers should bring in the device management service to help cut down on the amount of data breaches and fraud experienced in the business. Mobile devices can compromise security, but being able to lock out devices or keep control of lost devices can be a key to staying secure.

Mark Gentile, CEO of Odyssey Software, said if a company is looking to adopt mobile device management software, they should start by looking at what devices need to be managed, a migration plan to new management platforms and how well devices will move into software.