When implementing a mobile device management plan, companies and their employees should be clear about the plan and what it is.

A survey by Mimecast spoke with 500 employees who say bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, is still a hotly contested subject, as 47 percent of respondents said it's important to the enterprise and 21 percent said it is a risk to business. Another 26 percent said their business doesn't let employees bring devices to work.

Before doing anything with a mobile plan, companies need to be sure to create a policy that is accessible to workers and easy to understand. About half of employees said they want to bring a mobile device, but if this is not allowed, businesses need to make it clear for their own safety.
"Employee support for consumerization of IT is in full swing, whether business leaders are ready to admit it or not," said Orlando Scott-Cowley, senior product marketing manager of Mimecast. "These results show a massive divide between employee sentiment and what the enterprise is actually willing to support when it comes to personal devices. It's time enterprises fully enable their employees' productivity by not only supporting the range of mobile and tablet devices, but also providing the solutions that ensure corporate data remains secure."