The bring your own device trend has created a significant number of changes in companies everywhere, but more may be necessary to get the most benefit from mobility, according to a recent report by CompTIA. Organizations should be reexamine the policies they have in place to see what solutions they can adopt to get the most out of their workforce.

"Rather than focus on the device level, companies will need to assess the specific needs of their workforce and match the device," said Seth Robinson , director of technology analysis at CompTIA. "For maximum benefit, workflow changes will need to be considered prior to evaluating workforce needs. But this is not a trivial matter and companies will need to weigh the cost of operational disruption and change management against the potential advantages."

Numbers from the CompTIA report show:
- 58 percent of companies use a mixture of individual-liable and corporate-liable devices
- A third of companies still mandate which devices can be used
- 8 percent have employees fully responsible for the devices they use at work 

Michael Kassner said companies must also consider the legal implications of BYOD. Businesses must establish clear data ownership policies, determine what will be done if a breach occurs and explore how mobile device management can and should legally factor in.