Having a good contract for a cloud computing solution is a necessity, so companies should look into ways to get the best value from these contracts. According to eWeek, different models can have their own unique ways of pricing out, so companies should be sure to pick a way that gives them the best value. Agreements-based billing is one way that can be great for these cloud contracts, the news source said, as it gives great payment accuracy.

"Monetization options support the internal management needs of enterprises with rapid modeling allocation of fees, modification of account hierarchies and automation of repetitive processes," eWeek said. "ABB, therefore, reduces the chances for error, which increases customer satisfaction."

Other positives of this model of billing include better business transparency due to simple auditing and calculations, proactive revenue analytics to help companies better understand which ways of working are the most profitable, and easy integration, as eWeek said once it is in place, it's easily set up into the company's existing business applications.

Business Insider said agreements-based billing cloud computing isn't an option - instead, it is absolutely critical for those who want better adaptability of service models. By managing the agreements in one place, tailored workflows and online self-care can easily be done.