Many corporations have their own sets of policies that look to address the bring-your-own-device trend. Greg Ferro, a networking professional, writes on Network Computing that many of these policies may not work out very well in the reality of corporate IT. Companies should bring in a mobile device management program, but  be realistic when setting up rules of a mobile policy.

"The corporate IT of today is simply not able to deliver the promise already offered by consumer technology," Ferro wrote. "The IT department will hold back productivity and prevent effective use of tools because of good corporate policies - policies that are based on sound, old-fashioned reasons rooted in law and good corporate governance."

Ferro said he and other employees want to be able to use tools that make them more productive, not phones that may be crippled by corporate rules and regulations. There is a tension between employees and IT departments that will need to be solved at every company.

ComputerWorld said rules that should most certainly be in place with a mobile device management program includes never storing confidential information or credit card information on these devices. Also, users should not conduct corporate business through personal accounts.