With more malware attacks coming by the day for tablets and smartphones, companies that subscribe to the "bring-your-own-device" method for employees may want to start using a mobile device management program. Transamerica, a Baltimore-based life insurance company, told Insurance and Technology that mobile device management has been key in helping to prevent attacks and malware from making its way onto employee devices.

"There are virus walls that are set up in applications so viruses can't jump from app to app," Michael Babikian, CMO of Transamerica Brokerage, told the news source. "There are security protocols that are quite different on these devices. It's already being done in work environments with BYOD. In corporate settings there are a whole slew of applications that have that firewall built into the app itself."

Babikian said BYOD has been a key move for business, as it allows resources to be in the hands of a life insurance salesman to help close a sale. Even so, control of these devices to make sure information doesn't leak into the wrong hands is very important.

A survey by GI mSecurity shows that mobile malware incidents rose to 24 percent in 2001 from 9 percent in 2010 and 7 percent in 2009. This is evidence that mobile device management is necessary for companies to be safe online.