Increased mobility at businesses means a bring your own device policy will be necessary for companies that need to abide by the regulations and rules of compliance. Mobile professional Andrei Papay wrote on Business Spectator that BYOD creates new challenges that organizations must overcome.

"Even businesses with large teams of IT professionals are struggling to keep ahead of the changes and stay compliant." he wrote. "It may well be that your company prides itself on customer privacy, but from the customer's view, the confirmation of the safekeeping of their personal details is paramount in creating customer loyalty and gaining their trust."

When done correctly, using compliance measurements can even add value to the business, Papay said. Using Cloud based services to better meet industry regulations could also give birth to stats that can enrich how a business functions and delivers results.

IT professional Mathieu Gorge said any business looking to follow regulatory compliance rules will need to make sure they are properly managing the data on these devices, as most smartphones and tablets have a lot of capacity. Mobile device management may be useful in controlling what happens on the business' network.