Although IT professionals have been worrying about the increase of mobile devices from home at the office everywhere, the bring-your-own-device revolution will not be stopped, according to Voice and Data. Mobile device management is something all companies should be looking into right now to help keep these mobile devices from being security sinkholes.

"BYOD requires considerable technology investment in creating a virtualized environment and network infrastructure," the websites said. "It requires access to the network at all times to be productive and mixes up personal and corporate working, which can have serious security implications. Also, it may lead to incompatibility issues and create complexities in managing the hardware and software support."

Even so, Voice and Data said challenges can be overcome with planning, and with the trend going as it currently is, the website considers it to be "unstoppable."

Dominic Jones, managing director of Barton Technology, said while it could be considered a scary concept, BYOD coupled with mobile device management can help cut down capital expenditure at businesses everywhere. He said companies don't have to spend on hardware, and it can reduce operating costs in the long run as well.