There are plenty of new security challenges out there for every business, but eWeek reported that the rise of the bring your own device policy and social media are likely among two of the biggest threats for 2013.

"IT operations and [information security] professionals have their work cut out for them in the year ahead," said the report from information services specialist Wisegate, according to the news source. "Though security threat vectors are changing, the underlying principles of how to address them are not. It's important to get out in front of potential threats and involve everyone in the organization."

The report added that creating broader employee security awareness and convincing users to be safer online will go a long way toward helping to protect enterprises, eWeek said.

With the consumerization of IT, companies will now see more of a challenge than ever in keeping information secure and preventing leaks. Organizations will need to be more vigilant about how they proceed with the security of mobile devices and computers.

An Infographic from BizTech said companies with a bring your own device policy shouldn't allow any device that has been jailbroken, make a list of which apps are allowed and be careful about banning fun apps like Angry Birds unless they want to make employees angry.