It has or should have become obvious to organizations that their employees are using mobile devices in the workplace whether they have a bring your own device policy or not. Anders Lofgren wrote on AllThingsD that with this in mind, education and training is imperative to make sure employees are doing all they need to stay safe on their devices.

"Mandating simple practices - like adding a password to a mobile device - can go a long way in reducing the threat of data leakage," he wrote. "That way, if an employee's device gets lost or stolen, there's much less of a chance that sensitive information could be released outside the organization. Despite the benefits of password protection, though, only 31 percent of companies are enforcing this practice."

Every organization, no matter what its position or size it is, must mandate a BYOD policy as soon as possible, he said.

Teena Hammond of Tech Republic wrote on ZDNet that by year's end, 62 percent of businesses will allow BYOD. Currently, there are about 44 percent who have a program in place with only 37.6 percent saying they have no plans for BYOD.