Bring your own device is a fairly new trend for businesses but it is still something that needs to be considered with a level of urgency.'s Tom Kaneshige said there are some early pitfalls in the adoption of this technology that organizations need to look out for, including having too open of an attitude toward new apps.

"Most iPhone owners visit the App Store regularly, downloading all sorts of apps-from Dropbox to Angry Birds-that are dangerous to the enterprise," he wrote. "These apps can lead to corporate data leakage, open the doors to malware or bring the potential to make workers unproductive."

Kaneshige pointed out some other early mistakes, including:
- Playing "Big Brother" and being too controlling of employees' devices
- Failing to track device usage, as this can result in large charges and other network mishaps
- Allowing devices to use the network without first reporting to the IT department or being known by the mobile device management software
- Communicating poorly instead of having an open conversation with employees

CRN said perhaps the biggest mistake a company can make is allowing themselves to be paralyzed by the fear of security problems. Like it or not, this is a trend that will stay with businesses so organizations should prepare with mobile device management and good policies.