A recent report from Good Technology shows that of the top 10 devices used between January and March of this year, the top six were Apple devices. Apple has an 80 percent share of activations to Android's 20 percent share. This may be important for companies and IT managers to know when selecting a mobile device management program.

“Apple seems to have cornered the tablet market in 2011 and Q1 2012; however, the arrival of the first Windows 8 tablets later this year should have an effect on tablet activation numbers,” the report noted. “But for now, the iPad remains the de facto enterprise tablet standard - especially when it comes to the large company-driven deployments.”

EWeek said BlackBerry may also make a push, as its bases may be covered by the mobile device management programs companies use. Good Technology's report notes that more companies are activating devices and letting people bring their own devices into the work setting.

Companies looking to bring in devices for employees or allow them to bring their own should look into mobile device management to make sure deployment of the devices is as secure as possible.