Balance and judge risks in BYOD program  [09/27/2013]
The bring your own device trend has been growing larger and John P. Mello wrote on TechNewsWorld that organizations have to find a balance to dealing with risk in these programs.
Demand up for cloud talent; get it while it can be got  [09/27/2013]
Cloud based services are becoming ever-more-popular for businesses everywhere and IT professional and InfoWorld blogger David Linthicum wrote that the supply of skilled workers is being surpassed by the demand.
Look to schools for BYOD advice  [09/27/2013]
Businesses have been struggling what to do about their bring your own device policies across multiple industries, but according to The Journal, Kansas area Goddard Public Schools now offers secure BYOD wireless access for students, staff and others who want to use personal devices on the network.
Why US government is flocking to cloud based services  [09/27/2013]
The U.S government has been "aggressively" capitalizing on cloud based services, according to industry professional Sujatha Perepa on Wired.com and said much it is due to the bad financial state that many agencies are currently in.
Learning about the cloud before jumping into e-discovery  [09/27/2013]
Many industries have been embracing cloud based services, but the legal industry has been skittish toward the adoption of the technology. Legal e-discovery, which allows needed data, files and documents to quickly be pulled, has been picking up steam, but organizations must take the time to learn about cloud computing solutions before moving important legal information into the cloud.
Set up the cloud correctly the first time  [09/27/2013]
No matter what type of cloud computing solutions an organization is adopting, industry professional David Linthicum said at the recent Interop New York 2013 that architecture has to be correct from the start.
Setting up a process for due diligence to find providers  [09/26/2013]
Finding a cloud computing solutions provider may seem like a difficult proposition, but it may become easier once an organization has a good diligence process in place. Tim Lohman spoke with RealEstate.com.au's technology services manager Damian Fasciani to see what his process was for adopting cloud based services.
CIOs must work to help provide business with cloud service  [09/26/2013]
The role of the CIO is much different now than it has been in past days. Laura Hazard Owen wrote on GigaOM that smartphones and mobile devices means there is much less control for these IT professionals now than there ever has been, but panelists at the recent Structure:Europe 2013 event said this could be a positive
Have questions ready for cloud provider  [09/26/2013]
Every company moving through the adoption process of cloud based services adoption needs to ensure they have every question in line that they need to ask to ensure that provider is for them.
US may need to improve broadband for cloud's sake  [09/26/2013]
A recent report by NetIndex found that U.S. consumer broadband speeds only rank 33rd in the world right now. This is a problem for the spread of cloud based services, as good Internet speeds are needed to help innovate new and improved technology.