IT management needs to protect data in BYOD  [09/28/2012]
With a bring your own device policy, protecting data must be the first and last thing a company thinks about, according to one expert. Jack E. Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, said that this is the biggest challenge companies face, so businesses may want to look at endpoint security and mobile device management to get more leverage in their security solutions.
ICO releases guidelines for moving data to cloud  [09/28/2012]
The U.K.'s Information Commissioner's Office is concerned about how companies are moving data into their cloud computing solutions, so ZDNet said they have released a set of guidelines for this reason, telling companies to review personal data they process to first decide if the data needs to be in the cloud or if it needs more protection.
Key cloud security issues  [09/27/2012]
Security is one of the main concerns of businesses adopting cloud computing solutions. CSO Online said there are some security issues that have flown under the radar and should be kept in mind, including that internal clouds need security as well.
Cloud is changing jobs everywhere  [09/27/2012]
More companies than ever are now using cloud computing services, and that number is going to keep growing over the next many years. With that in mind, Joe McKendrick wrote on Forbes that the cloud will be changing jobs everywhere, not just in the IT departments, as technology is becoming a shared responsibility with more employees in the cloud and with their own devices.
Companies should manage risks relating to a mobile strategy  [09/26/2012]
With a bring your own device policy, companies are taking on risk by having data moving through these devices and the network. There is an upside, Computerworld said, including increased productivity, but a recent survey from the website showed that 52 percent of executives who responded said they're ramping up mobile security efforts and 38 percent said they want help from outside providers.
Companies looking for security review for cloud  [09/25/2012]
In a show of how popular cloud computing services have become, Federal Times reported that more than 50 cloud vendors have applied for security reviews under the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, according to Dave McClure of the General Services Administration.
Cloud computing can help with energy use efficiency  [09/24/2012]
Cloud computing services have started to become a prominent fixture of many companies and Urs Holzle, senior vice president for technical infrastructure at Google, said it can help companies use their energy more efficiently as well.
Cloud pitfalls for companies to avoid  [09/24/2012]
Companies looking for benefits from cloud computing need to plan in advance before implementing the solution. GigaOm said organizations can realize the benefits of cloud computing, but success isn't guaranteed either, so companies must start planning as soon as possible.
Bring your own device implementation needs caution  [09/24/2012]
Every new technology needs to be carefully examined by companies, and the bring your own device trend is most certainly no exception, according to Insurance Networking News. The website said BYOD may be neglected in certain areas that could end up hurting the company in the long run, so it should be carefully set out and implemented.
CIOs have warmed up to the cloud  [09/21/2012]
IT department leaders are finally starting to warm up to cloud computing services, according to a recent report. The Qumu study found that 44.4 percent of CIOs are going to start moving into cloud based services within the next year, with 33.4 percent of IT management professionals saying this will include at least half of their applications.