Security could be cloud computing's best selling point  [09/30/2011]
While security has been a major concern for many people in cloud computing, Joe McKendrick said on ZDNet that it could be becoming a strong point for the industry.
Challenges to cloud all have solutions, blog says  [09/29/2011]
While Rick Blaisdell of the CloudTweaks blog said there are some challenges businesses may face on the road to adopting a cloud computing solution, each challenge has a solution. Blaisdell said in the blog post that nothing worth doing is without challenges, and the cloud is no exception.
Group says cloud computing has many security benefits  [09/28/2011]
The Security-as-a-Service Working Group of the Cloud Security Alliance, a non-profit association formed by some stakeholders of cloud computing, have released a report looking at many security positives that cloud computing could offer a company.
Cloud computing can have real-world benefits for a company  [09/27/2011]
For businesses willing to make a big shift in their business model, cloud computing have have real world results, according to a post by Sourya Biswas on CloudTweaks.
Top questions to ask before fully switching to cloud computing  [09/26/2011]
While most businesses are looking to cloud computing for savings from their budget, Joe McKendrick writes on Forbes that companies should do research and ask questions of their providers and themselves before making the switch to the cloud. He said the Cloud Computing for Business book by The Open Group offers some good questions to ask.
Companies biggest security threat is themselves  [09/26/2011]
For companies looking to improve cloud computing and desktop security, they may want to start looking inward, according to a story by the Wall Street Journal.
Get ready for cloud computing and keep customers safe  [09/23/2011]
While cloud computing is not well understood by many, according to CRN.com's Jennifer Bosavage, it remains one of the fastest growing technologies. She said companies looking to make their way into the cloud need to keep their customers safe.
Netflix shores up security for move to cloud  [09/23/2011]
While Netflix will now mainly work as a company that serves its customers by delivering online movies through cloud computing, they have tried to think of new ways to secure the website and its contents.
Federal government listens to advice on cloud computing  [09/23/2011]
Technology experts from across the country came to speak at a U.S. House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation last week. InformationWeek said experts told the Congressional committee that cloud computing is critical to keep the country economically competitive across the globe.
Cloud computing could save 85.7 million metric tons of CO2, study says  [09/22/2011]
According to new research from the Carbon Disclosure Project, cloud computing could be a good move toward green IT, as it would cut CO2 emissions by millions.