Desktop security being prioritized in IT  [09/30/2010]
According to the annual Global Information Security Survey, performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers on behalf of CIO and CSO magazines, businesses are increasing their IT spending to focus on security.
CIOs explain projected budget increases  [09/30/2010]
In 2011, IT budgets are expected to grow by at least 8 percent, according to CIO.com's recent Economic Impact Survey.
Cloud security risks can be managed  [09/29/2010]
Issues of data confidentiality, integrity and availability all effect cloud security. To prevent security problems when starting a cloud computing program, companies need to plan their defensive strategies and develop protocols to protect data.
Cloud security is possible  [09/29/2010]
A recent study by Broadband Testing and Spirent Communications has found that security in cloud computing is both achievable and measurable.
The cloud fits perfectly with startup businesses  [09/29/2010]
Cloud computing provides an economically sound, flexible IT solution for businesses. For start ups, the radical customization options and pay-per-use characteristics of the cloud can be an ideal fit.
Governments face waves of cyber attacks  [09/28/2010]
Cyber security is becoming a large concern throughout the world, as governments face repeated onslaughts against their IT infrastructure.
Private clouds should only be used under certain circumstances  [09/28/2010]
In an effort to increase data control while reaping the flexibility of cloud computing, a number of businesses are adopting private clouds.
Mobile workers pose increased security threat  [09/28/2010]
A recent MessageLabs Intelligence report from Symantec found that workers tend to visit prohibited websites with greater frequency when working from mobile devices.
Cloud computing has hurdles to jump  [09/27/2010]
While businesses are adopting cloud computing solutions at ever-increasing rates, there are still major roadblocks preventing a more complete deployment of cloud technology in business.
U.S. military making the desert cloudy  [09/24/2010]
In an effort to improve the networking and communications capacities of soldiers on the front lines, the U.S. military will be using cloud computing technology in Afghanistan.