Organizations looking to adopt cloud based services and mobile device management must make sure security is at the front of their minds with everything they do. A recent report from The Ponemon Institute and WatchDox found 54 percent of companies surveyed have already had an average of five breaches of data on mobile devices.

"The bottom line is that whether an organization has a private or hybrid cloud arrangement, or is using outside vendors' cloud services, security is a responsibility that needs to addressed at all levels," Joe McKendrick wrote on Forbes' website. "IT staff can't do it alone — business leaders need to take the lead and recognize that it's far cheaper and easier to address security before data goes out the gate than after breaches occur."

More steps need to be taken than simply using the private cloud, he wrote, as data must still be protected as it moves throughout an organization.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance, data loss from lost, stolen or decommissioned devices was the No. 1 concern of businesses. John Yeoh, research analyst for the Cloud Security Alliance, wrote that cloud hosted data and native mobile applications are a concern and must be properly secured.