Implementing secure cloud solutions doesn't just mean allowing the provider to take care of everything. Businesses must take their own efforts to be sure cloud computing solutions, as well as the data and apps stored on them, are as secure as possible. Business 2 Community gave some tips about email, social media and phone security.

"For iPhone users you have iCloud backup of your contacts, photos, and mail (just make sure it’s a secure password ...),"the news source said. "Android users can also back up information to their Google account. Syncing your phone to your computer also ensures you have a local backup and a cloud backup."

A step for securing email is using two-step authentication, Business 2 Community said. With social media, the website suggested using a service, such as If This Than that, which helps to backup content on the social media website people and companies use.

The General Services Administration told Network World that it ensures security with its cloud computing services by using sign-on and authentication software so that employees can access data and other resources as securely as possible.