While security has been a worry of many looking into cloud computing, one company's new research shows that it could be a non-issue. The Houston-based Alert Logic said its study shows that cloud computing has lower frequency rates for each class of security incident and showed a more narrow set of threats against information in the cloud.

The cloud has shown poise under heavy security scrutiny in most instances, it seems. Meanwhile, the company reports that on-premises environments are 12-times more likely to have security issues and could open the doors to attackers easier.

“While security can never be taken for granted, decisions around where and how to deploy IT infrastructure should be based on fact not fear,” said Marty McGuffin, vice president of operations at Alert Logic. “Our research suggests that a well managed service provider can not only match the level of security found inside an enterprise’s four walls, but actually exceed it.”

Alert Logic's cloud computing security study also shows that service providers coming into the equation reduces misconfiguration security incidents by 92 percent in some cases. Companies should stay concerned about security in any arena, but this may make some feel more secure in the cloud.